THE COMING AGE OF WOOD by Egon Glesinger


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Report repeated from November 1, 1947 when scheduled for previous publication, as follows: ""In the belief that wood will become the 'characteristic raw material' of our civilization, this is a discussion of its many uses, and waste, and goes into international considerations as well as industrial. The need for conservation, and integration, of the forest industry, with Sweden setting the example; the German attempt to monopolize the wood market before the war and what would have been involved had they succeeded; the attempts so far at some sort of international policy and what must still be done- this takes the first half of the book. The second half is a breakdown of the many uses of wood, not only for construction,- paper, pulp, but as wood sugar (power, plastics, chemicals), cellulose, lignin, reconstructed wood, wood alloys, wood gas, etc. etc. Throughout there is a conservation slant- a spare-that-tree reminder that without careful reforestation, our lumber resources may be exhausted... The handling here, which is often repetitive, does not do much to extend a somewhat limited field."" Changes may have been made since this title was originally reported.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1949
Publisher: Simon & Schuster