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Poems by EHR Schober

by E.H.R Schober illustrated by M.E.M Schober

Pub Date: Nov. 9th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1479336296
Publisher: CreateSpace

Poet Schober’s debut collection of rhyming witticisms serves as a paean to the joy of life.

This collection presents simple, unpolished verse that’s somewhat old-fashioned at times but also somewhat infectious. The author infuses these short poems with humor as she laments the aches, pains and memory loss of aging, but she also celebrates the fun of discovering the senior discount at the movies. Schober has a tongue-in-cheek philosophy regarding hearing loss: At least she “can’t hear all the bad news anymore.” Overall, the poems temper life’s negatives with large doses of optimism, as when the author proudly embraces the wrinkles she has earned—most of which, she says, are the result of laughter. Schober also compares childhood to old age; in one poem, she describes how, as a child, she jumped off her squeaky tricycle to gaze in wonder at a little yellow wildflower, but when she grew up, she considered wildflowers to be weeds in her garden. Now older and wiser, she once again sees wildflowers as a “gift from the universe.” Readers may find some of the images and situations a bit stereotypical, as when the author describes sitting in a rocking chair, dreaming about days long gone. However, in many poems, the author resolves to live in the moment and pursue stimulating activities, such as reading every book on her dusty shelves or daring to wear vermillion. Several poems are simply short quips intended to make readers chuckle, including, “I used to skip and run. / Oh, what fun! / Now you hear me squawking / Just walking.” The individual poems are untitled, which works well with the format—pages adorned with cute black-and-white animal cartoons. The white space and larger print provides an easy reading experience. Readers shouldn’t look for serious poetry here, but there are serious themes beneath the humor. Although life has its share of sorrow and hardship, Schober admirably chooses to accentuate the positive in this collection.

Traditional glimpses of aging for fans of fun, light verse.