IT'S NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD: A Couple's Guide To Overcoming Impotence by Eileen & Brace MacKenzie MacKenzie

IT'S NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD: A Couple's Guide To Overcoming Impotence

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Chatty peer support for a nasty problem--here, with some sound practical tips and background information. The authors are the founders of Impotents Anonymous and Impotence Institute; their approach has many similarities to other self-help anonymous groups; and they are clear on what chronic impotence can mean to the estimated ten million American couples who are affected by it: ""Living with this problem can shatter your self-esteem, undermine your relationships, and leave you angry, frustrated, and isolated from the world."" Their basic advice when the problem strikes: (1) ""Don't wait,"" hoping things will improve without treatment; (2) ""Don't play doctor"" by self-diagnosis and treatment; (3) ""Go directly to a urologist"" who specializes in treatment of impotence (this is crucial, since many doctors don't understand the problem); (4) ""Act on the specialist's advice""; and (5) remember that solving the immediate problem is just the beginning--damage done to relationships and self-esteem must also be repaired. The authors dispel myths, cover causes, and give sound instruction on seeking help. They don't mince words anywhere--and are absolutely clear: ""If you have a psychogenic problem, get counseling. If you have a physical problem, get medical treatment."" Real practical help from those who've been there.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1988
Publisher: Dutton