THE ARK IN THE ATTIC: An Alphabet Adventure by Eileen Doolittle

THE ARK IN THE ATTIC: An Alphabet Adventure

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A handsome coffee-table alphabet book that will make a delightful Christmas present for adults and will also entertain older children, but that should not be seen as a way of learning the alphabet. Well-titled, it is a rummage through an attic: each letter is represented by a full-page photograph chock full of small items. Antique toys, flowers, and foodstuffs are seen against painted backdrops that set off the clutter and turn the mÉlanges into complete pictures. The reader should approach this as a puzzle book, or trivia quiz, for it takes a good guesser to place ""Morticia"" from the Addams family, define a doll as a ""nodder,"" or recognize an hors d'oeuvres-sized ""quiche."" The text, like the illustrations, is a pastiche--of styles, rhyme schemes, and rhythms. Not every library needs this for its picture-book collection, but it will be fun for sharing between generations. Grandmothers will recognize ""Kewpies,"" and children will spot the ""Milk-bone"" label on the ""M"" page, (P.S. There are answers in the back to prevent undue frustration and arguments.)

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Godine