BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES by Eileen J. Ed. Garrett


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Do you believe in ghoses? These articles from Tomorrow, the Quarterly Review of Psychical Research, constitute the material for this anthology, edited by the president of the Para-Psychology Foundation. The possibility of raising para-psychology to a science with sound empirical methods is an interesting question. The parapsychologist feels that the body of data is sufficient and necessary to warrant this promotion. Others, like Gabriel Marcel -- the French philosopher- feel that the nature of the data is unamendable to scientific investigation and must remain in the realm of emotion and philosophy. Wading through the vast amount of para- psychological ""data"", the reader can judge for himself. He may examine reports of poltergeists in the White House, medical healings at Lourdes, the rebirth of old black magic, a posthumous experiment to test whether Sir Oliver Odge, deceased, could direct living beings to receive his messages. Telepathy, precognition, pay- chokinesis, extrasensory perception (ESP), voyance are some basic categories of psychic phenomena or ""psi"". It is highly debatable whether ""psi"" in its categorical manifestation corresponds to real manifestation. To me the data is entertaining, others might find it instructive. Complete sceptics will shrug it off.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1957
Publisher: Lippincott