RONNIE by Eileen Rosenbaum


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Nice boy, nice pictures, some loosely strung words that might be a Ronnie's, some thoughts that could be too: ""Once I thought wherever I went the sun followed me. Once I thought the earth felt me walk on it. Now I think people who don't know me don't like me."" But not because he's black: this is a day in the life of a boy--a city boy about nine--who wakes up wondering about the surprise his father promised, works on the secret machine that gives him All Day Power, worries and fools around and gets his first pair of roller skates. ""Up now. Freeze./ One small step. . . / and one small glide. . . ./ Small/ and slow/ and small/ and slide./ I can feel/ the push and slide./ I can feel the air fly by./ I can move/ and slide/ and fly!"" You can't compare this to the likes of Stevie for telling or Jahdu for imagining but it's modestly conceived, fluently and unselfconsciously carried through.

Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press