THE SNUG LITTLE HOUSE by Eils Moorhouse Lewis


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This mushy imitation of a snug old-fashioned cumulative tale begins with a chair with loose springS going down the road. The chair comes across an old table with a broken leg, and the two go down the road together. On the way they are joined by an old brass bed, a stack of chipped dishes, a knife, fork and spoon, and a worn rug. Then they come to an old house and ask it to come along. ""'Oh, I can't do that,' answered the house. 'But why don't you join me? Come in.' And they did""--just before an old lady happens along, moves in, and mends all the broken objects. ""And they all lived there together, happily ever after."" But Lewis' idea is as worn as her rug, and syrupy to boot.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum