GROW A GARDEN: And Be Self Sufficient by Eka  Enfried & iese

GROW A GARDEN: And Be Self Sufficient

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At the headquarters of the Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association, under the supervision of the authors, demonstrates effectively the basis soundness of the theories summarized in this book. To the outsider, the from ""the other side"" seems suspect, but the results are not to be refuted. The book contains much about yeasts and fermentation, about manure and compost heaps, based on his dynamic formulas which are available to those seriously interested. Other information on vegetables, on greens, on herbs is simply and adequately handled. Particularly challenging are their theories that certain vegetables grown next to others may, or counteract each other; that cabbage and beans, and looks, cucumber and corn are beneficial combinations. Unfortunately, the format is not appealing, the omissions are irritating to the average and the methods will mean more to the initiate than to the uninitlate -- though presumably the book is intended to both. Suggest this to your garden clubs as a new approach.

Publisher: Anthroposophic Press 225 West 57th St. New York Ci