DONKEY, IT'S SNOWING by Elaine & Don Bolognese Raphsel


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This is about ""friends"" Donkey and Carlo (first met in the 1978 book of that title), and the first snowstorm to hit their northerly farm--and that's all it's about: there is, in fact, no story. At the first frost, Carlo and Donkey set to work storing away food and making repairs. When the weather worsens, they take refuge inside: ""That morning Carlo made bread. He talked to Donkey while he measured the flour. Donkey chewed on his new hay. Every now and then he turned his ears."" When it does snow, Donkey is out in it first; then they both play--before going home to bake a pie. The book could be said to go nowhere with a vengeance--and if this weren't a boy and a donkey curiously co-occupying a little farm, there'd be nothing to it at all. Some children, however, may find their snug, harmonious existence satisfying in itself.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1981
Publisher: Harper & Row