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: A Writing Manual & Style Guide for the Brave New Business Leader

by Elaine Stirling

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4401-5413-3

Stirling tackles corporate babble, bad communication practices and rudeness in the workplace with an eye toward generating communication clarity, courtesy and style.

Along with the explosion of new communication mediums (e-mail, IM, Twitter, etc.) in the last 20 years have come an equal number of opportunities to speak poorly, write “worsely,” report shoddily and generally use words without regard to grammar, punctuation or style, not to mention civility. In no arena is this more apparent than in the culture of business and commerce. The Corporate Storyteller is an island in the storm of corporate blather; it offers concise, consistent and easy-to-follow advice for managers, executives, employees and business people, large and small, on how to give and receive clear communication. Condensing years of personal experience as a corporate communicator, Stirling presents a small but compact manual filled with wit, wisdom and practical know-how. Her message, beyond the nuts-and-bolts of good communication, is that leadership in business requires clarity, and when it comes to how we communicate, anyone can assume that role. Here, readers will learn a structure that can clean up any document they write, 10 intentions that ensure in-depth responses to communications and strategies for developing an authentic voice. Communication is more important now than ever, as Stirling stresses, in this ever-flattening, global business world. How we communicate matters, and words can make the difference between an expanding or shrinking bottom line. This book can be a stepping-stone toward clear, honest and productive communication for any company or organization.

An impeccably organized book that cuts through the jargon to save time, money and frayed nerves.