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A STAR IS DEAD by Elaine Viets


by Elaine Viets

Pub Date: April 7th, 2020
ISBN: 978-0-7278-9016-0
Publisher: Severn House

A plethora of suspects emerges when a fading star flames out.

Jessica Gray is a diva to the core. More than 50 years ago, she ruled Hollywood, dancing naked in Eternally Groovy and partying till the wee hours at Whiskey a GoGo. Now in her 70s, she still captivates audiences, her age carefully concealed by makeup artist Will London. When her one-woman tour takes her to Chouteau County, Missouri, local hairdresser Mario Garcia is thrilled at the chance to work similar magic on her blonde locks. He even talks his good friend Angela Richman (Ice Blonde, 2018, etc.) into coming to the show and traveling with the star’s entourage. Although she marvels at Jessica’s stunning face and figure, Angela is horrified by her act, which includes merciless mockery of three homeless women. And riding with Jessica’s roadies puts Angela right in the limo when the star goes into respiratory distress and dies. Now Angela’s in a bind. As death investigator for Chouteau County, it’s her job to take charge of the body and perform the tests required by the medical examiner. But she’s also a witness to a death that’s looking more suspicious by the minute. Worst of all, the police zero in on her pal Mario as the prime suspect. Angela’s outraged. Mario, who thinks the world of Jessica, has no motive at all. Jessica's makeup artist, Will; her understudy, Tawnee Simms; and her assistant, Stu Milano, all hate her. And the three women she’s humiliated aren’t her biggest fans either. Despite a whopping big clue, Angela takes her sweet time solving the case, rescuing her friend Mario by a hair.

Needless complications are likely to try the reader’s patience.