THE NEW WASHDAY by Eleanor Ahorn


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We all know them -- hordes of them -- people who never did more than wash out a pair of gloves or silk stockings who are now doing the family wash, or the greater part of it. This is a handbook for them (and even if you don't do your family wash, you'll find lots of useful bits of knowledge about washing and ironing problems today with new fabrics, new dyes, and new machines -- or old ones that must be kept in order). A right way -- and a wrong way -- and if you have this book on hand, you'll be better informed when you pass the word along to the maid-of-all-work (if you have one) or the laundry down the street. Sweaters -- lingerie -- blouses -- gloves -- dresses -- baby clothes -- housecoats -- neckwear -- stockings -- the family wash -- curtains -- table linen -- slipcovers --blankets -- and so on. Problems of hard water, of temperature, of stains. Carefully indexed.

Publisher: Barrows