COAT OF THE EARTH: The Story of Grass by Eleanor B. Heady

COAT OF THE EARTH: The Story of Grass

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Mrs. Heady's husband is an expert in range management and his work has taken them far afield: these factors give the book its greatest value and qualify it as an adjunct to Sarah Riedman's otherwise quite similar World Provider (1962). Both describe the varieties, growing conditions, harvesting methods and uses of the major grass crops: wheat, corn, rice, sugar cane, barley, oats, ye, sorghum, millet, bamboo. A few included here are not in Riedman, and the information is frequently fuller and/or more detailed. The chapters that set this apart, though, are those on pastures in all parts of the world, on restoring a grass cover for conservation, and on ""grass for beauty"" (including the technique of thatching a roof). The bibliography is a prime resource for the prospective specialist, the index is extensive and precise enough to answer the most abstruse question. In sum, a useful survey that cultivates the interest of the reader.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1968
Publisher: Norton