JAMBO, SUNGURA by Eleanor B. Heady


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14 tales from East Africa revolve around the crafty exploits and the deserved come-uppances of Sungura the hare, a widely shared story figure among the many tribes of East Africa. Mrs. Heady collected the stories at the source, hearing many variants on each of the stories included from native storytellers. Her own experience as a radio storyteller stood her in good stead in working on these because they have been told with a balance and point not always present in untamed originals. Comparisons are irresistible; Sungura's encounter with the scarecrow could be the ancestor of Bre'r Rabbit's with the tarbaby and, in the stories in which the tables are turned on Sungura, Spider (1963, p. 491, (J-153) springs to mind.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1965
Publisher: Norton