HERE COMES PETE by Eleanor Clyer
Kirkus Star


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Pete sat on the front steps watching Sylvia, his sister, and John and Jim his friends go off to school on the first day of September. He thought it wasn't fair. He could do nearly everything that Jim and John and Sylvia could do, although they were seven. He could play with them, why couldn't he go to school with them? But because he was only five he must stay at home. But being a friendly little fellow, he soon found plenty to interest him, while his busy mother took care of their little suburban home. Tony, the vegetable man, Mr. Kelley the baker, Bill and Slim, the telephone line men, Mr. Anderson, who keeps the candy store, all become his friends. In fact Pete picks up friends as quickly as dry earth soaks up rain, and when his birthday comes around nearly all of the little town of Green Rock come to wish him well. A charming story of a lovable little boy, that will delight first grade readers, and fascinate those to whom it will be read aloud.

Publisher: McBride