THE GROCERY HOUSE by Eleanor Clymer


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Author of A Backyard for John and Here Comes Pete deserts her very real, little boys for the story of a mouse, Squeaker, whose adventurous rebellions against sleeping in the daytime lead him into dangers and excitements when he ventures among humans in the grocery store...Saltina and her love for new things joins him -- and a wild chase drives them out of their home...They find a place to live in the park, are befriended by a sparrow and his wife, see the babies raised and learn to fly; learn how to forage for food; put up with Mrs. Squirrel and her noisy babies; and are driven out by the coming winter. They find their way back to the grocery store, where their parents, and all the other mice find their outdoor life unbelievable...and Squaker warns all the youngsters against doubting their mothers' advice that sleeping at night is best for mice... Plausible events with talking animals not a drawback; well-keyed vocabulary; interesting color work.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1945
Publisher: McBride