THE LATCH KEY CLUB by Eleanor Clymer
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The popular author of The Trolley Car Family and others for the 8-11 group with a story aimed at somewhat older readers, and dealing with block gang problems for city children. The Bennetts, due to economic stringency, are forced to move from their prosperous New York apartment to a cheaper one, where most of the neighborhood children have no parental supervision during the day, and carry their own latchkeys. They are suspicious of the newcomers, but the Bennetts soon make good, and organize the gang into the Latch Key Club. They find a place for their meetings where they can work, play and make the most of the summer. From the youngest to the oldest, there are activities to keep them out of mischief,--painting, sewing, games, sports, carpentry, etc. A constructive idea dealing with a nationwide problem, this might easily have been intolerably preachy, but instead is good entertainment, with an idea back of it.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1949
Publisher: McKay