P.S. YOUR NOT LISTENING by Eleanor Craig


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This is a chit-chatty record of a year spent by Mrs. Craig teaching five problem children, either from pretty troubled homes or none at all. This hasn't any of the awareness or extension of George Dennison's The Lives of Children, or the funny, freewheeling pertinence of James Herndon or Sunny Decker. Mrs. Craig (mother of four) just seems to be a thoroughly nice woman, boning up on Bettelheim, Gessel (sic) as she undertakes handling Douglas (abandoned by his mother), Kevin (a frail, withdrawn child of middle-aged parents), Edward (beaten up with a belt at home), Jonathan (who soils himself) and Julie (who is ""adorable""). Eventually they have to send Eddie who is just too disruptive away to a facility. Some of this has appeared in McCall's and it's a little peanut buttery. The children though do a good job of speaking for themselves: Douglas ""I think Eddie's troubled, the way he's been acting,"" or Jonathan -- ""Doesn't it feel funny to wake up in the morning and be a human being.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1972
Publisher: Richard W. Baron