THE LITTLE BOOKROOM by Eleanor Farjeon
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Twenty-seven of Eleanor Farjeon's stories have been selected by the author herself to make an anthology in the classical fairy tale tradition yet lit with the sparks of reason needed to pry young minds loose from their moorings and to widen reading horizons. To many, titles and themes will be familiar. There is ""The King and the Corn"" with its delightful portrait of simple genius and the deeper realities it tends to see in humanity; ""Leaving Paradise"" is a story that makes clever use of an old French counting out rhyme while measuring out its own lesson too; ""The Little Lady's Roses"" disarmingly plays out the old theme of rich and poor and the ability to seek out one's own. For many a ""little bookroom"" this will have its charm and stimulation.

ISBN: 1590170482
Publisher: Oxford