THE SEARCH FOR CHRISTINA by Eleanor Frances Lattimore


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Ten year old Loren's search for her three year old sister is blatantly aimed at the vulnerable tear ducts of the ultimate readership. The Davis family seems recklessly casual about their placement of the motherless girls. Mr. Davis is travelling somewhere out West, pays for their keep and evidently doesn't write to his oldest daughter. Lorna has lived with a succession of relatives. She is currently with a young aunt in Ashevelle, North Carolina. Lorna is alone a lot while her aunt works or dates. Christina is supposed to be with another relative in Raleigh. Lorna finds out that relative has gadded off to New York, parking Christina with a neighbor. She suspects the neighbor of putting the baby in a foster home. Lorna busses to Raleigh. And it's true. But, there's a rich lady who can put her up for the night, her father reappears next day, Lorna and Christina are scooped up for a permanent home. Too pat, and the adult neglect too vaguely explained. The Search for Christina induces a grope for the Kleenex.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1966
Publisher: Morrow