ADAM'S KEY by Eleanor Frances Lattimore


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When Adam, six, finds the key, his sister Meg says it's magic, and sure enough it does open both doors to their house when they get home before Mother. It saves older sister Sabrina's babysitting job when she gets caught outside the neighbor's house with the baby inside, and it also saves a party when the people bringing the dessert are locked out of their own house, without the ice-cream cake. But when Adam is locked inside of a variant model' home the key is no help and he has to use his own resources; this impresses jealous older brother Gilbert, and soon after, when Adam, now seven, gets to move into the ""boys' dormitory"" with Gilbert and Troy, the oldest, he finds he doesn't need the key anymore. Adam is the youngest of five in a smoothly functioning, happy family, and this is that kind of story: it doesn't unlock any hidden recesses but it does show Adam from the inside, with sympathy and perception.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1976
Publisher: Morrow