THE TAMING OF TIGER by Eleanor Frances Lattimore


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When Benjamin, eight, is forced into a fight on his way home from school, his mother decides that that's it; they must move from the downtown area of Herrington to the suburbs. Out in Bonnybrae Benjamin makes friends with pretty Nell (""The boys his age didn't usually play with girls but they noticed the pretty ones"" ?!), whose cousin Bernard is coming for the summer. Bernard of course turns out to be none other than Tiger, who picked the fight, and though Benjamin's mother is upset by the horrid boy's arrival, his father advises him to face trouble head on; Tiger, it seems, really wants to make friends and by summer's end the boys, with Nell and Nell's little sister, are playing together harmoniously. Tame indeed, and limp as an old rag crib toy.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 1975
Page count: 127pp
Publisher: Morrow