TUMBLEWEED BOY by Eleanor Hull


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This is for boys skin to what Strawberry Girl is for girls, a sensitive and beautifully written story of a boy whose family are migrant workers, ranging from Arkansas down through the market garden areas to Texas and up to Wisconsin. The barren unloveliness of his existence, his need for love, security and self respect, unemotionally projected through the shell of despair and toughness he assumes. His response to friends and play and happy home life is quick and eager; his clumsy efforts to better conditions in his own family are handled realistically and convincingly. For many children the conditions of his life will seem unreal, while others will sympathize with his loneliness. The social implications, the moral responsibility of church and government are evident but not too patent in their introduction. Good format, though the type face and line drawing chapter heads suggest a somewhat younger market than the story.

Publisher: Friendship Press