THE TINY LITTLE HOUSE by Eleanor; Illus. Ingrid Fez Clymer


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The format and the detailed illustrations reflect the mood of a short, satisfying story that small girls will enjoy and the better beginning readers among them will be able to read to themselves. A tiny old house, almost lost between the towering apartment buildings that have grown up around it, intrigues Alice and Jane. Every day the girls stop to peek inside and scrutinize all the unsuitable people to whom the landlord shows it. The day he forgot to lock up, they invade it, clean it and furnish it after a fashion. Their first guest is Mrs. O'Brien, as little and as old as the house itself. She had been hoping to sell her cookies and when the girls put a sign in the window, she did a land office business. Even the landlord is transformed by a few cookies and the possibility of a perfect tenant for the forgotten place. The book has the lure of the miniature and should do well from the impulse racks of the book stores.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1964
Publisher: Atheneum