THE TWO HELENS by Eleanor Lattimore


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The two Helens are Helen Dunbar, age eight, spending the summer in a Maine seacoast town, and her great-great-aunt Helen, referred to as ""the Dragon"" until she appears in the last chapter and lets herself be won over by her namesake. An empty old house that turns out to be Aunt Helen's takes itself mysteriously, and Helen's little sister's doll, lost at the house, serves for suspense. There are berries to pick, a beach to comb for shells, a fair to prepare for--all the local ingredients of a New England summer vacation. And of course rich Aunt Helen, who doesn't hate children after all... In Mrs. Lattimore's hands, this comes off better than it should, but she's wasting her time on olde family feuds and deserted mansions.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1967
Publisher: Morrow