BUFFINGTON CASTLE by Eleanor Noyes Johnson


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The Burnham family needs a larger house and the countryside just north of Boston seems an ideal setting. When mother and the four Burnham children discover the old Buffington place, they know they've found the perfect dwelling. It takes some from Maria , but as always the children's spirit and charm swing the . In the midst of enjoying Halloween, Christmas and welcoming a new baby into the family, the four Burnhams, become involved in Buffington history. With the return of old Admiral Buffington, the family's right to the castle is momentarily threatened, but again the children save the day. As Bill and Sue probe deeper, they learn more a missing member of the , whose eventual return to the scene settles security, as they are handed the permanent deed to the castle. This is a pleasant family story filled with anecdotes and short episodes. While good reading it short of the magic of Mabel Leigh Hunt's delightful House (Lippincott- see report December ) which had a not dissimilar theme.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce