THE BRIGHT SWORD by Eleanor Perenyi


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A novel of the last year of the Civil War when the Confederate General Hood and his Army of Tennessee were ""fought to a frazzle"" is based on the historical and military annals of these months. For Hood, Texan born and wounded after Gettysburg, is invalided in Richmond where he continues his courtship of ""Buck"" Campbell, wins her love but never the assurance that she will marry him until he is ready to return to fight. With Jeff Davis, the strategy of the next campaign is planned and he takes leave of Buck. The weeks which follow see the bloody, brutal annihilation of his troops; Buck's brother dies under his command; and Hood returns to Buck to endure the bitter penalty of survival after defeat as well as the knowledge that she is not really ready to follow him.... A sober record, the romance here is largely that of courage and endurance, and as old wounds are probed the final accounting is made with a fitting fortitude.

Publisher: Rinehart