TOMORROW IS NOW by Eleanor Roosevelt


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great woman's testament of faith, written as she was facing the close a life dedicated to others, written with a determination to give form to the substance of her belief in the country she called her own, the men and women who had made it, the challenges of today in which lay the kernels of the tomorrow we must build, the goals to which she had devoted her final years. It is an extraordinary book, so simply written that it belongs to all people of all ages. Briefly, succinctly, she has viewed our past in the light of today -- as a foundation of faith too little understood by our young people. She examines the elements of failure a today's training for conformity and the role of the organization man, and presents her answers in various areas--education; social revolution; economic revolution; the world around us; the United Nations as the machinery for peace; the necessity of personal responsibility rather than bartering it for security. The temptation is to quote heavily from these pages, so sharply critical they are of our shortcomings, so constructive in selecting the points at which we need to eradicate the corrosive factors, so very helpful in suggestions which stimulate flexibility in accepting change, encouraging the free use of mind, substituting the right for the wrong story to the world, planning ahead for conversion to peace. One feels that in this slim book Mrs. Roosevelt has indeed left a legacy to her country.

Publisher: Harper & Row