RAINY SUNDAY by Eleanor Schick


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Like last year's Home Alone, this divides a continuous experience into several tiny chapters--which, however, have little cohesion, focus, or substance. They make their point, that is, only as they together convey the texture and tenor of a very gray Sunday--offset, in the little girl narrator's telling, by spots of bright color, the taste of ""warm,"" ""sweet"" food, the human closeness of reading the comics with her father. (""Jill,"" says her mother, ""you're becoming a very good reader."") Toward the end of the day, when the rain has ceased and the sky is ""silver-gray,"" she goes out briefly with her mother, picks the red flower she spied from her window, puts it in the middle of the cheerily set supper table. And, before bed, she hears the next day's weather forecast: it ""will be a warm, sunny day."" In Summer at the Sea (1979), Schick turned one of her picture-book evocations into an effective easy reader through use of suggestive particulars and resonant characters. This is mundane, static, and evanescent.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1981
Publisher: Dial