GAUNT'S DAUGHTER by Eleanor Shaler
Kirkus Star


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Footlight fever came naturally to Cordelia Lovell Gaunt, 17, whose father Richard Gaunt, a long established Broadway star, had deserted his family for Ellen Sandys, an actress. After the death of Cordelia's mother, Grace Lovell, her maternal relatives offer her shelter, and she finds a steadfast friend in Katherine Lovell, a cousin. Her great joy in a bit part almost disappears when she discovers she must work with the father she was taught to hate. But she learns to forgive her father and to regard him objectively when she discovers that he played a major role in helping her to succeed in the theatre. And when her cousin Katherine is injured at curtain time, Cordelia decides that for her the show cannot always go on. Sound picture of an adolescent with a real grievance against a parent. Characterization here is strong enough to appeal to an audience beyond the stage-struck market.

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 1957
Publisher: Viking