LINCOLN MCKEEVER by Eleazar Lipsky


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Literary Guild choice for December will establish this third novel by Eleazar Lipsky as more substantial literary fare than its predecessors, which were frankly classifiable as mysteries (The Kiss of Death and The People Against O'Hara). It is first rate reading, this story of a maverick lawyer, a trial lawyer who took lost causes and gave so wholly of himself that he sacrificed his family and home to the cause. He tried to pull out, after his wife's death; he tried to put his frail young son first. But when the case of Don Carlos de Niza, leader of the Spanish-Americans who were still fighting the land grant cases in the territory of New Mexico -- and still losing -- was being framed for a murder, he came to the rescue. The story of the trial, of the abortive efforts to get witnesses who could withstand the pressures, of the impossibility of getting Don Carlos to cooperate and of the constant nagging worry about his boy provide the ingredients for a story that has drama and human interest and a penetrating portrait of the conflicting forces in the days of new frontiers. Special market -- those who enjoy detailed courtroom scenes integral to a story of violence and passion.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts