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A castaway’s idyllic life with the lone, handsome inhabitant of an uncharted isle becomes complicated in this novel of romantic suspense.

Larissa Wentworth feels stuck in a boring life at age 30, so she gladly accepts a friend’s offer to accompany him on a three-month South Pacific sailing voyage. Later, the boat sinks in a storm, and Larissa’s the sole survivor. After her raft reaches a seemingly deserted island, she’s resourceful in finding food, water, and makeshift shelter, but she wonders how long she’ll be able to survive. Then she runs into the only other person on the island: the bronzed, attractive Italian Nico Aromani. He has a home with plenty of conveniences, including a full refrigerator, running water, and even a bar—but no way to contact the outside world. Larissa soon learns that it’ll be two years before a visit from his supply boat, so she decides to make the best of it. She and Nico share an almost-instant attraction that leads to hot lovemaking sessions, and time passes quickly—but a complication arises when Larissa gets pregnant and gives birth prematurely. Nico arranges to get them off the island, but his efforts expose him to the danger that he’s been trying to avoid. Still, he returns to civilization in Italy with Larissa and puts into motion a complex plan that could allow them to return to a blissful life. In this debut novel, RO offers a fantasy scenario with appealing elements, including a house in a tropical paradise and a multimillionaire who’s also a great lover; it’s all spiced with criminal shenanigans and brave rescues. For fans of so-called alpha males, Nico will be a treat, but others may be annoyed by how he infantilizes Larissa; he withholds essential truths from her while also saying that she should “respect his word and take what he says on faith.” Also, several plot points strain credulity, such as the fact that Nico’s sister has successfully disguised herself as a bearded sea captain for six years, although others, such as Larissa’s survival strategies, seem backed by good research.

Escapist reading for fans of romances featuring dominant, controlling men.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-4787-8368-8
Page count: 310pp
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Program: Kirkus Indie
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