MY HEAD AND MY HEART by elen D. Bullock


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This is definitely a ""find"" -- a new item for the collectors of Jeffersonian -- and a slight book that has a great deal of charm. It is based on the comparatively recent discovery of the hitherto unknown correspondence between Jefferson, representing the new United States of America in Paris, and Maria Cosway, lovely Italian wife of an English ministure painter of note, and herself an artist of no mean ability. Through the letters, one gets a picture of the man, loving the idea of Maria perhaps more than the woman herself, and using his letters to her to relieve his loneliness -- to pour out his emotional being -- to reflect at times the fullness of a life which he never allowed to bore him. He may write of ""the dull roads of this world"" Fate decreed he should not experience them. Rich tapestry of Europe of the time.

Publisher: Putnam