TURN HOME by Elesnor R. Mayo


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The returning hero theme with variations, since Bub brings back a personal problem that he alone can solve. Bad boy of a Maine town, Bub keeps secret his service in the Marines, at Guadalcanal, so as to reinstate himself through his own efforts. Few aid him, and when a series of robberies occur, all are ready to accuse him, even then Bub refuses to be drawn. He holds his own despite growing distrust, finally admitting his war service to Lou, whom he has come to love, and is forced to tell Hersh about it too. The news percolates through the town but is not assured enough to save him from blame when another theft occurs. He refuses to let Lou supply his slibi by saying they had spent the night together. Her small brother learns the truth -- saves Bub -- and the real culprit dies in a fire...The hard way of winning respect in refusing to trade on hero worship in a story that is unpretentious but has enough story interest and plot and characterization to hold attention.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1945
Publisher: Morrow