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THE NATION'S CHILDREN 3 Vols. by Eli- Ed. Ginzberg



Pub Date: April 4th, 1960
Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press

A symposium of articles by leading professorial and professional authorities in several fields- sociology, education, welfare, anthropology, etc. have collaborated to provide an extensive audit and perspective of children, at the mid-century mark, and what is to be expected in the decade to come. The three volumes- The Family and Social Change, Development and Education, Problems and Prospects- cover a tremendous number of considerations; from technological and societal changes to the economic effects of the rising birth rate; from the special features of American family life, to aspects of its breakdown, and its contrast with other cultures; from the impact of urbanization and industrialization to the new leisure and how time and money is spent. Genetic endowment, the physiology of growth, the behavioural aspects of development, our educational objectives and the conflict between excellence and equality; employment expectations in the '60's; rural youth; Negro youth and the Spanish-speaking groups; religion; this is a summary indication of the many directions of inquiry pursued. An important book for research, for reference, for teachers, psychologists, welfare workers, etc. but questionable for a general market.