AMISH MOVING DAY by Eli Male Seyfort


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From the angle of sound factual background material dealing with people and a way of life, this is good, Hut as a story, it limps a bit, and lacks any sense of building up to a climas, any integrated plot. It seems to me that children need this where the content is not identifiable with self -- where the characters and setting are ""foreign"", even though this is a slice of America. Little Martha Wenger is an everyday child, but an Amish child, and this is the story of Amish life today (or virtually today), first in Pennsylvania, then in Maryland. It has a feel of other times, other customs, however which is inevitable in an authentic picture of a people who hold to patterns of the past. The story element is virtually non-existent.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1942
Publisher: Crowell