MISSION 313 by Elinor Case


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The reliable drama of the Civil War again comes into play in this new story of divided loyalties. Charlie, a devoted Yankee soldier, is anxious to save his southern aunt from the impending destruction of Atlanta. His desire to scout the territory in advance is complicated by new problems. A few close friends, among them Jesse, a Negro slave, now fighting for the Union, are innocently implicated in the theft and sale of vital medicines. Mission 313, created to apprehend the criminals, is an ideal assignment for Charlie. It gives him the opportunity to clear the names of the innocent and to reach Aunt Martha in time. Rebel forces, a traitor in the ranks, and a fanatical southern female to the challenges. But in the end, Charlie manages to free his friends, make peace with Aunt Martha and convince the stubborn young woman that all Yankess are not beasts. There is nothing new or fresh about this plot. (One scene in particular appears to be re enactment of a similar situation in With the Wind), yet it is competently written historical fiction. The bid, made so many times before, is for understanding of both North and South.

Pub Date: Feb. 11th, 1962
Publisher: Westminster