BOOK BAIT by Elinor- Ed. Walker


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Here's the nucleus of a working collection of books for young people- more than ninety percent of them adult books. The arrangement is alphabetical, and the general policy seems to be a judicious mixture of classics that are fun reading, and books of fairly recent vintage. One misses old favorites, and then- sooner or later- many of them crop up. A book will be analyzed and then, in suggesting ways of using it and follow-through, one and another book in related fields will be suggested, so that, while the studies cover 100 books, the cross referencing more than doubles the number, and the hope is quite evident that once liked an author has staked a claim to continuing interest. The compilation has been made by Young People's Librarians the country over, and the selection is based on proven popularity with young people. It should provide a valuable springboard.

Publisher: American Library Assoc.