SO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL: Facing the Realities of Reentry by Elinor & Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz Lenz
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SO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL: Facing the Realities of Reentry

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For a variety of reasons--midlife crisis, missed adventure, economic mobility, empty-nest syndrome--adults are returning for more education, and this practical guide covers all aspects of the experience. The authors discuss school selection criteria, personal expectations, standard and newfangled resources, admissions policies, financial aid sources, and services available generally and for this population in particular--""mature"" students, working adults, ""resuming women,"" etc. Throughout, the information is specific, with samples provided (test questions, entrance essays) and numerous works listed for further reference. A complete chapter outlines ""Myths about Maturity,"" dealing with such topics as reasoning ability (which remains intact) and psychomotor speed (which often declines after age 35). Also included: the home complications which frequently ensue--resentments, guilt feelings, tight schedules. Although the authors tend to overestimate the economic aid available and unduly structure certain areas (taking notes, writing a paper), this is a direct, instructive, thorough reference.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1977
Publisher: McGraw-Hill