MUSINGS ON MONEY: How to Make Dollars Out of Sense by Eliot Janeway

MUSINGS ON MONEY: How to Make Dollars Out of Sense

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Janeway, a ubiquitous financial adviser, lecturer, columnist, and author, ventures beyond his economic bailiwick in this slim volume with thoughts on the psychology of making money. The result is a staccato series of pronouncements that fail both as a philosophic treatise and a how-to manual. Much familiar material--personal budgeting, insurance, tax shelters, borrowing, retirement planning, gold, securities markets, and inflation is--covered in summary fashion; unaccountably, commodities are excluded. With few exceptions, the conclusions reached are as unobjectionable as they are obvious. To wit: ""Realistic budgeting teaches you the value of what you own."" There is, however, considerable merit in Janeway's suggestion that parents provide children with a rudimentary education in family finance, a subject almost as neglected as sex. Also valuable are two brief chapters on the unrelated arts of giving money away and owing it. Nonetheless, these jottings yield little profit to even the economically ingenuous. Save your honey on this one.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1976
Publisher: McKay