MARTY by Elisa Bialk


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An author with a record of teen-age fiction of the more sparkling genre, (see The Silver Purse, Jill's Victory etc.) writes the story of a girl reporter- whose career for an eighteen year old, is well nigh unbelievable. Cute, red-haired Marty lives in a Chicago suburb. She's a champion golfer and just after a splendid senior year in highschool, wins a local tournament and is subsequently sent by a big Chicago newspaper The Express to do feature stories from the amateur's viewpoint, for a national tournament in the east. At home again the paper hires her for rewrites. Then she's promoted to general reporting, but an inexcusable failure to get a story about a movie star gets her demoted to copy girl- from which position she is again promoted by writing a convincing feature story on the sly. A police beat is our Marty's next job. On it, she solves a murder mystery and lays plans for a new boys' club in the district. Meanwhile Marty's also had three romances, but finally ends up with nice, serious Jim, and their joint plans for college before returning to journalism. Exhausting.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1953
Publisher: World