THE WOMBLES by Elisabeth Beresford


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Womble is a butterscotch word to roll around in your mouth; a Womble is a rolypoly cross between a bear and a mouse; and The Wombles is something to curl up with when you've exhausted Paddington and Pooh. Actually the Wimbledon Wombles are Borrowers--specifically, the tidy-uppers of the Common who live in a warren of burrows underneath. Great Uncle Bulgaria (each chooses his name from an atlas) is their benevolent despot, Tobermory their business-like manager, Orinoco has a sweet tooth but no taste for work, Tomsk is the slow-witted stalwart, while Bungo--self-styled ""the bravest, the most adventurous and perhaps even the handsomest of all""--is the jaunty youngster who becomes a Womble of the World in the course of the year chronicled here. During which Orinoco takes an unwonted umbrella ride across the Common; Tomsk holds back ""The Tree That Moved""; the great Concrete Mixer Expedition repairs the resulting damage; elderly Mr. D. Smith is cheered on Christmas Eve; Orinoco stuffs himself without sharing and leaves in shame; Bungo takes the Underground to Fortune & Bason to find him; American cousin Yellowstone Womble (""Womble-wise, the United States is a great country"") comes to the rescue; he and Great Uncle Bulgaria sit in the Royal Box at the tennis matches. This last is through the unwitting agency of Tomsk, who's become a proficient golfer and skier--the type-casting allows for some comical liberties. Though not in a class with the aforementioned, this has considerable fun at the expense of Human Beings--who don't know a Womble when they see one.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Meredith