DEER RIVER RAFT by Elisabeth Hubbard Lansing


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More about Fred, Hank and Janey of Deer Mountain Hideaway (1953, P. 39) in which the kids slove another mystery, again involving their friend the game warden Joe Patches. It is Janey's love for Heliotrope, Mr. Leesom's cow, and the advent of Timan ""outsider"" who befriends the boys- that start things off. When Mr. Leesom's cows disappear and Joe Patches is suspect, suspicions narrow at last to pinpoint Tim, who already has a thief's record, and Mr. Leesom for the stealing-the one to earn a dishonest dollar and the other to clear some debts. Adequate, but far from comparable with Lulu's Window or Shoot for a Mule.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1955
Publisher: Crowell