DEER MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY by Elisabeth Hubbard Lansing


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A practiced hand at stories to rouse the nine and ten year old sense of suspense (Shoot for a Mule and The Pony that Kept a Secret) with another mystery complete with poachers, mistaken game wardens and an old buck grieving for a lost family. Fred, Janey and Hank, all about twelve, build a hideout near their New England country home. They are unable to arouse a lazy game warden, Joe Patches, when poachers invade the deer sanctuary and are even out-maneuvered by a posing poacher whom they think is a new game warden. Plenty of tracking and escaping build up to the arrival of authentic officials and a restoration of peace in the land. Marc Simont's pictures get the vim of the story.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1953
Publisher: Crowell