THE GHOST DIVINERS by Elisabeth Mace


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An old metal rod that Martin finds in his back yard takes him back to the wartime Forties and a girl who spent the duration in an old house where his new one is now. But Sheila hasn't much to do with the main events, which happened in the same house but in the earlier period to which Martin's sister Jackie is transported whenever she wields the rod. There is some tension in Jackie's growing preoccupation with helping Daisy, her friend in the Edwardian past--and in the inevitable unfolding of the old drama, which culminates in Daisy's using the rod to kill her sister. But the mechanism of the rod is strained at times--its occasional assertion of an independent will to ""destroy"" is pure hokum; and those meandering time trips need direction.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1978
Publisher: Nelson