THE SEASONS HEREAFTER by Elisabeth Ogilvie


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Hereafter is not exactly like heretofore even though it takes place on that primeval little jetty Bennett's Island. It's more of an emotional weatherbreeder and even some of the language is blunt. Not all. This one's about Vanessa who starts ""budding like the lilacs"" after she meets Owen Bennett. Vanessa's been married for twelve years, sort of to compensate for being somebody's mistake --she'd been homeless all her life. So is Owen Bennett and he's got three children. The affair comes up lilacs but only for a time; Owen, while planning to leave his family, learns he's got a heart (another kind) condition and he sends her home to her husband. ... Should come on strong for her readership -- it's a Kleenex love theme with an illusion of something more resistant, all those storms and that rainwear.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill