AN ANSWER IN THE TIDE by Elisabeth Ogilvie


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Ogilvie returns to Joanna and Nils Sorenson, the 1940s family of High Tide at Noon, Storm Tide, and The Ebbing Tide, for a look at Bennett Island in the Seventies. A few kids smoke ""whacky tobaccy,"" some girls take their mothers' pills, but the Sorenson household seems untouched by such cultural shock waves. Then still-loving Joanna and Nils have their coffee-cup stability overturned when son Jamie, now 25, moves out and in, first with Bron, an attractive woman lobster-buyer, then with Eloise, a newlywed wife on the run from an abusive husband. Or so Jamie believes until the schemer ineptly fingers him for arson and reveals a third man--and drippy motives--in her life. This, then, is Jamie's awakening (he brings back his dirty laundry and gets the boot from Dad), but it's Joanna's ordeal--which should satisfy Ogilvie readers who'll nod in recognition and savor the anxieties-once-removed even though they already know the Answer.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1978
Publisher: McGraw-Hill