THE EBBING TIDE by Elisabeth Ogilvie


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Third in the trilogy concerning Bennett's Island, and Joanna Bennett, this again combines the warmth of human interest and scenic detail which has made these books sell widely- to women. Joanna, in her second marriage to Nils Sorensen, finds the security of that marriage shaken for the first time as the war intrudes- and Nils is sent away. When Bennett land is sold to an outsider, Dennis Garland, discharged Navy surgeon, Joanna meets him with open resentment- a resentment which lessens in the face of his attraction, his dependability, his help in all emergencies. And later, falling in love with him, she recognizes his similarity to her first husband, but Garland, refusing to take advantage of this, returns her- whole in heart- to Nils. With incidental side issues and interests, this is generous, communicably sympathetic women's reading.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1947
Publisher: Crowell