THE FABULOUS YEAR by Elisabeth Ogilvie


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To Cass Phillips, entering her senior year at Sandford High School, membership in the Calpurnias represented social success. But when Alicia, a dependent, insecure classmate, attached herself to Cass, hope for membership seemed dubious. Cass worried too about Adam, the boy whom she had dated before he left for college. The Calpurnias accept Cass, finally, and she becomes instrumental in making the exclusive club adhere to a policy of community service. Alicia briefly appears in the role of heroine until Cass discovers her ostensible bravery was a staged performance. Alicia's father had disgraced the girl in another community and she feared ostracism. An imbroglio of adolescent anxieties, of in-group and out-group interaction enacted by characters of no particular stature or dimension, with dialogue which often seems artificial.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1958
Publisher: McGraw-Hill- Whittlesey House