THE ANSWER IS GOD by Elise Miller Davis


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Perhaps the best loved and most widely known couple in the entertainment world- Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and with the popularity of Dale's Angel Unaware well in mind, this biography of these two- to whom success did not come easily nor did it ever spoil- should have an assured audience. For Roy was born in a Cincinnati slum, and because of a crippled mother had hoped that he might become a doctor, but to earn a living he started out as a hillbilly entertainer, after some years ended up as the King of the Cowboys. With his marriage to Arlene, and after the adoption of one child, one of their own was to come- but with the birth of the second- Arlene died. Dale too had a troubled background prior to her marriage to Roy; she had eloped at 14, had a baby and been deserted at 15, and after two more marriage, drifted into the entertainment world and onto the Roy Rogers show where she was very offhand in her treatment of the extremely shy Roy. With their marriage, she faced the resentment of his children- a mutinous threesome- and it was on the recommendation of her son, now almost grown, that she turned to the church for help. Roy joined her, in her strengthening religious faith, and it was this which sustained them in their struggle to save the Mongoloid baby Robin, after, the assurance that there was no ""earthly hope"" for their child. The death of Robin, the decision to adopt a small Indian child as a companion for Roy's youngest along with another ""unadoptable"" case, Sandy, the great expenditure they make in both time and money in helping handicapped children the country over- their life is an open demonstration of an unquestioning faith and an unquestionable sincerity which they have extended to parents and children the country over. Do not underestimate the reach and range of this audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1955
Publisher: McGraw-Hill